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Sassbook AI content automation software - Details and applications

Sassbook AI develops internet software to automate content authoring and content automation workflows to significantly accelerate them and reduce resources required. This results in significant cost savings and often makes the process more accessible or even possible.

The automation is made possible by the advanced artificial intelligence engine that Sassbook employs, which augments human capabilities.

For example, the Sassbook AI Writer automatically generates text in response to short prompts supplied by the user, providing multiple completions. This makes an expert user more productive, while enabling a less proficient user to actually get the job done.

Similarly, Sassbook's automatic text summary generator behaves like qualified humans, generating summaries of various lengths in a fraction of the time required by them. Used together, you could take your extensive research material, automatically summarize them to get to the heart of the content, and use the AI writer to generate content briefs in your own unique styles. All of it in minutes rather than hours or days if cone in the conventional manner.

At this time, Sassbook AI has two online software applications that provides text content automation at scale.

Sassbook AI Writer - Automatic content writing with artificial intelligence

Online AI writer software

Sassbook AI Writer is a powerful and flexible AI article writer that saves the user significant time and costs. To understand more about how it works and how it can automate your content workflows, see More about Sassbook AI article writer.

Sassbook AI Summarizer - Powerful and flexible automatic text summarization with AI

Online AI automatic text summarization artificial intelligence software to create content briefs

Sassbook AI Summarizer is a powerful and flexible AI software that can summarize text documents automatically, just like an expert human to improve comprehension and dissemination. You can create a content brief out of extensive research material that you have compiled by summarizing pertinent information and articulating it succinctly with the AI Writer.

To understand more about how it works and how it can automate your content workflows, see More about Sassbook AI automatic text summarization software.

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