Intelligent software applications to automate content workflows: AI Writer and AI Summarizer

Creating, managing, and consuming text content is essential for both businesses and individuals. However, it is both time consuming and resource intensive to efficiently do this. Sassbook AI makes software that automates significant parts of these workflows to dramatically improve content authoring and consumption using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technologies.

Create unique text content in suitable styles way faster with our AI article writing software.
Consume text content much more efficiently with our AI summary generator software.

Together, they form a powerful combination to create great content briefs in minutes rather than hours or even days!


Use Sassbook's AI article writer and AI text summarizer - for free! today!
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Illustration of a woman authoring digital text content with AI writer and automatic text summarizer
Fast AI text generator for unique article writing and copywriting

Rapid automatic text content generation with AI

Automatic text summarizer that summarizes text with AI; just like a human

Automatic text summarizer rivalling humans