Learn More About Sassbook AI Content Generator and AI Writer📗

Depicts more information about Sassbook AI content generator or AI writer that automatically generates text with AI

What is Sassbook Artificial Intelligence Content Generator?

Sassbook AI Writer is a SaaS (Software as a Service) that helps you create digital text content really fast. The web application takes your input prompt and its state-of-the-art AI (Artificial Intelligence) engine completes it by automatically generating follow up sentences.

If you like the completion, you may just continue to create a new completion (without additional prompts).

You can repeat this until the generations deviate from your thinking, at which point you enter a new prompt and so on. Of course, you might want to edit generated text to better align with your intended content, prior to further completions.

The premise of Sassbook AI Writer/Content Generator

In order to understand what Sassbook AI Writer is built to todo, it might be helpful to understand what it does not attempt to do.

  • Generate an entire article based on a few keywords or a single phrase

    As you can probably imagine, such an article is highly unlikely to produce original, quality content that expresses ideas in unique and interesting ways. If we did indeed did that, we might just be contributing to spammy, low-quality content that you find across the web and in email marketing. Therefore, although this is certainly possible with our technology, the focus right now is to generate short snippets of text that helps generate quality content.
  • Copy content from elsewhere (via a web search, for example) and pretend it is generated "intelligently"

    Sassbook, on the other hand, relies on what it has "learnt", in the Machine Learning sense of the word. Indeed it has learnt from various sources of digital text, much of it from the Internet. It uses this learning to predict what you are trying to convey based on various NLG (Natural Language Generation) techniques.

There is vast amounts of information out there, and Sassbook has only learnt a part of that, but it keeps on learning.

Power of automatic content generation

AI being what it is, it might generate text that does not match your expectations for a variety of reasons ( chief being it cannot read your mind but solely relies on supplied prompts). So what are your options?

  1. Delete and regenerate text. This will most likely produce different completions/continuations
  2. Rephrase or enhance your prompt to enable the engine to align with your thinking
  3. Try supplying keywords or change existing keywords to more appropriate ones

Sassbook AI also develops other AI content automation software; if you are looking to extract summaries from text documents automatically, checkout Sassbook AI Summarizer. You can use both the AI Text Writer and the AI Summarizer for free.

Please email us @ hello@sassbook.com if you need more information about Sassbook AI online applications.